Financial Independence for MedTech Reps: Putting Your Money to Work

“Honey, I crunched the numbers and… we don’t need to work anymore.” That’s what Chris Larsen, a longtime investor and former medical device sales rep, told his wife some years ago. His secret? Hustling smarter, not harder. As Chris puts it, MedTech often attracts go-getters from working-class upbringings who aren’t taught how to be rich—i.e., how to make their money work for them. We sat down with the founder and current manager of Next Level Income himself to learn how he managed to save 50% of his compensation and strategically structure his income. Join us as he maps out the journey to financial independence for the average MedTech rep and busts some money management myths.


In this episode, you’ll learn:


  • Why the best entrepreneurs avoid ‘destination addiction’
  • Some necessary trade-offs to achieve financial freedom
  • How to respect your own limits and still set bold targets
  • The financial flops you won’t hear successful investors brag about at cocktail parties
  • Why retiring in your forties isn’t as far-fetched as you might think


Plus, we explore how entrepreneurialism also tends to make people rich in unique human experiences.




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