Find Objection Busters for Your Hospital Value Analysis Team

On this week’s episode of Power Supply Articles On-the-Go, Bob Yokl talks about the importance of “objection busters” for your hospital’s VAT: “One example is a COO who, after a value analysis team meeting where he was their champion, cornered doctors in his hospital’s hallways to discuss why they turned down the opportunity to save money on pacemakers. And believe me, they had better have a good reason for not accepting positive change or he would counter their objections one after another….” Tune in for the full article! Loving the #PowerSupply conversations? You can now download our free mobile app: Apple: Android: And listen at: iTunes -> Spotify -> Stitcher -> Amazon Podcasts -> Google Podcasts -> #PowerSupply #Podcast #Education #SupplyChain #Healthcare #Purchasing #Contracting #ValueAnalysis



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