Fixing Healthcare…From The Trenches E23

this week’s episode of “Fixing Healthcare from the Trenches,” listeners are in for an enlightening journey into the intricacies of the healthcare industry, with a particular focus on healthcare investment banking. Our distinguished guest, Hector Torres, shares invaluable insights into the pivotal role of private equity in the healthcare sector.

Hector passionately underscores the significance of healthcare providers forming strategic partnerships with professionals well-versed in the financial, regulatory, and legal dimensions of the industry. He dispels the misconception that private equity stakeholders wield undue influence over medical practice, shedding light on innovative partnership structures that safeguard clinical autonomy.

The conversation with Dr. Badia and Hector covers pivotal initiatives like the shift from sick-care to healthcare, solutions for healthcare cost disparities across locations, and the imperative of transparency. They underscore the importance of aligning incentives and adopting value-based care to deliver patient-centered healthcare affordably and sustainably, all while preventing healthcare professional burnout. This episode is a must-listen for those intrigued by healthcare investment banking and the future of musculoskeletal care.



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