Fixing Healthcare from the Trenches with Dr. Alejandro Badia

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Change becomes possible when messages are delivered from the trenches. Widespread knowledge of issues within an industry doesn’t mean they’re going to be addressed unless the ones directly observing what’s taking place can bring awareness to the public eye. Dr. Alejandro Badia, founder of OrthoNOW and Badia Hand to Shoulder Center and orthopedic hand surgeon, is using his voice to proactively disrupt the industry.

In this week’s episode, sponsored by TrackableMed, Dr. Badia, who also hosts the Fixing Healthcare from the Trenches podcast, joins us to dive into the industry challenges he’s witnessed on the front lines. Explore the roadblocks created by health insurance that impacts patients as well as physicians. We also discuss the importance of collaboration as a vehicle for change.

Join us for more on:

  • Steps healthcare professionals can take to claim control
  • Social media as a tool for creating dialogue
  • Taking initiative to educate patients on what’s really going on
  • How to proactively address issues in healthcare
  • How a little bit of time and a lot of interest can make a big difference

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