Founder of Becker’s Healthcare Talks Consolidation, Challenges and Growth

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It’s no secret that how you sell and who you sell to is critical for company growth, but how do you navigate variables outside of your control? Healthcare is seeing an increase in consolidation across the board, leaving little room for small to mid-sized companies to operate. In this week’s episode, sponsored by TrackableMed, we put the health ecosystem under the microscope to understand more about what’s happening.

Scott Becker, Partner at McGuireWoods and Founder of Becker’s Healthcare joins us to discuss the shifting customer landscape in the health ecosystem. We also talk about why it’s such a challenge for small to mid-sized companies to gain traction in this space, the effect consolidation has on the market, and the advantage of seemingly unlimited resources in building customer awareness.

Listen to this episode for more on:

  • How consolidation is erasing a portion of the customer landscape
  • Why it’s difficult to replace or even compete with big companies
  • The cost of getting your solution recognized in the market
  • How to build credibility with larger customers

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