Free Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow: The Importance of Mental Health in Sales

Sales is a game of mental toughness – and nobody knows this better than Jeff Riseley, founder of the Sales Knowledge Group and Sales Health Alliance. While the sports industry has long recognized the importance of psychology and mental game, it’s often overlooked in sales (though more than 40% of us struggle with mental health). How do we best manage our mental health in a profession riddled with ups and downs? Jeff is here to bring the conversation out into the open, end the stigma, and share tips to help you sleep better and feel less anxious and more confident during your next pitch.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to make your work more meaningful through a process called “job crafting”
  • Ways to overcome anxiety and stress to remain focused, composed, and confident
  • The two types of empathy and how each can make you a better MedTech sales professional
  • Exercises, routines, and strategies to sustain a healthy mental state

Plus, we dive into what really goes into finding your purpose and how creating “your personal why” can help you achieve balance, and ultimately, professional success.

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