From Microbiology to Medical Devices: The Validation Science Behind Our Chemicals

What goes into validating Sterile Processing chemicals prior to them making their way into our departments on the next semi-trailer backing up to the hospital dock? What must these chemicals be able to do before an independent laboratory validation scientist says they are good to go?  On this episode 5 of Season 15, “The Chemical Epicenter,” we talk to Alpa Patel, B.S., RM(NRCM) Principal Scientist at Nelson Laboratories, LLC to go behind the scenes in the life of a validation scientist, and ask many of the common questions related to chemicals & medical devices used in the Sterile Processing industry. Tune in for a few myth-busting moments and a ton of great information about how laboratories around the globe are contributing to the larger mission of taking every surgical instrument #BeyondClean. We hope you enjoy! 

 Season 15 episodes are individually approved for 1 CE, so once you finish this interview, you can download your CE certificate immediately by passing the short quiz linked below each week. 

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