From Prep & Pack to Hospital President: When One of Us Makes it to the C-Suite

You know that technician right beside you in decontamination today? Yeah, that one breaking a sweat as they keep up with the 20 add-on cases that just rolled in. Well, they may just end up running the entire hospital one day. True story.

On this episode of Season 18 “Investing in Instrument Safety,” which is focused on getting our teams the time, money, and support we need to protect our surgical inventory, we sit down with Benjamin Brodersen, former Sterile Processing technician now President of Novant Health Ballantyne Medical Center, to discuss his experiences working his way from a frontline reprocessing technician, manager, performance improvement, administrator, and finally hospital president in North Carolina.

Tune in to hear his story of growth sparked by his early time in Sterile Processing, and how the mission-mindedness he developed there has carried him all the way to the C-Suite. Whatever you thought you knew about career progression, mentorship, and your hospital administrators, this interview might have a thing or two that surprised you! We hope you are inspired to dream big and do big things after listening in!

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