Full Circle: When Ophthalmic Surgery Gets Personal

Nearly all of us will come in contact with some type of Ophthalmic surgical instruments at some point in our careers. But a few of us may end up on the patient side of those instruments as well. On our final episode of Season 19, “The Surgeons We Serve,” Lindsay Brown joins us as a cohost for a special interview as we speak with Jill Melicher, MD, Ophthalmic Plastic, Orbit and Reconstructive Surgeon at Minnesota Eye Consultants to discuss the life-saving procedure Dr. Melicher performed on Lindsay in the summer of 2022. 

Tune in as we talk about the journey Dr. Melicher took to become an Ophthalmic surgeon, the nuances of surgical instruments used in eye procedures, and Lindsay’s personal surgical experience to where Dr. Melicher removed cancer from one of her eyes. How do surgeons approach procedures like this? What part do Sterile Processing technicians play in these life-saving moments? Join us this week to find out!

  This episode is currently pending CE approval. Once you finish this interview, check back in a few days at the link below for access to the CE quiz for this episode, along with over 300 other free CE credits on our CE Credit Hub: http://www.beyondclean.net/ce-credit-hub   Thanks again for supporting this amazing season spotlighting the intersection of surgeons, surgical instruments, and the #CleanFreaks that help make it all happen!



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