Global Billing, Modifiers and GI Examples 1 CEU

Modifiers can be confusing since we have so many of them. There are CPT® modifiers and Payer specific ones to navigate through. Today we will focus in the most commonly used ones with the Global Package and how to know when to apply them We will pick on the 59 modifier and give examples of GI procedures that are commonly denied and how to interpret the 59 modifier or X Modifiers.

  • Modifier Purpose
  • Global Modifiers
  • Surgery vs E/M Modifiers
  • Modifier 59 and GI Denials

Helpful Links:

59 Modifier for GI CMS

Modifier 53 for Colonoscopy

NCCI Manual Chapter 6 Digestive CMS

Proper Use of Modifiers 59 & –X{EPSU}

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