Guide to Marketing Your Urology Practice w/ John Lin MD #152

“Your patient’s success depends on the success of your practice.” In this episode you’re going to learn that you have control over your own reputation and therefore the success of your urology practice. Do you love what you do? Do you come into work smiling? If you put this marketing guide into practice, and build your network and rapport, your patients will feel the same!

John Lin MD, is a leader in the field of Urology. After working in entertainment business management with a Beverly Hills financial firm and founding a computer consulting business, he pursued a career in medicine at Saint Louis University School of Medicine where he graduated with a Distinction in Research. He initially practiced in Lake Havasu City and was awarded Physician of the Year in Lake Havasu City in 2004. His expertise has even led him to become an advisor for google health.



[00:01 – 02:50] Leveraging Social Media to Build a Happy Practice

  • I introduce our guest Dr. John Lin
  • How Dr. Lin leverages social media and built a network

[02:51 – 11:46] The Success of Your Patients and You

  • How Dr. Lin started out – exploring options against better judgement 
  • Building a successful practice for successful patients
  • The reputation process – you have control over the reviews
  • Resources to help capture reviews 

[11:47 – 26:33] Get Known, Create Content 

  • Dr. Lin talks about loving what you do and building on it 
  • Making it easy for patients to engage – remove the friction
  • Do you need to be a social media marketing expert?
    • Dr. Lin’s story and experience 
    • Don’t focus on selling but education 
  • Ways to build know, like, and trust

[26:34 – 39:11] The Most Powerful Medical Asset 

  • The value of supporting the people in your community 
  • Major things to avoid and be aware of as a urologist 
  • Dr. Lin provides examples of successful review content curation
  • Happy leader, happy office, happy patients 


[39:12 – 44:08] Closing Segment

  • Dr. Lin’s advice on creating content 
  • How to connect with Dr. Lin
    • Links below 
  • Final thoughts
  • Stay tuned for more. Links available below.


Tweetable Quotes:

“Everyone says to go one way, I like to explore the other options… concentrate on things you REALLY enjoy doing.” – Dr. John Lin

“We value a couple of things, one is money, and two is time. So Anyway you can make it easy for patients to engage with you… that’s what you want to do, and that’s all about removing friction to access your practice.” – Dr. John Lin

 “Patients are not going to buy your product or service unless they know you, they like you, and trust you.” – Dr. John Lin

Resources Mentioned:

Want to learn more about Dr. Lin? Connect on LinkedIn and Check out and reach out. 


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