Hacking Human Behavior: Why Med Device Marketing Needs to Change

Every human has the same problem–regardless of how progressive our world is, our brain still processes life through the lens of survival. And this means we encounter hundreds of biases every day that impact not only our own behavior, but the behavior and actions of our customers.

In this episode we turn the mic to interview host Zed Williamson, founder of TrackableMed, about these biases andhow they impact Med Device marketing, sales, and ultimately revenue growth. Learn these human “autopilot” settings interfere with patient and surgeon decisions and how you can change that.

Listen to learn:

  • The real reasonsales and marketing live in a siloed world (hint: it’s about self-preservation)
  • Why college curriculum often teaches students the wrong approach to advertising
  • Biases like negativity bias, confirmation bias, commitment bias and more that every sales and marketing team should acknowledge and lean into
  • One question you should ask to ensure you’re making the customer the hero
  • How to examine the customer’s perception of fear and loss, and why that’s essential fordriving behavior change

Plus, learn what book Zed recommends as a must-read for deeper learning in this area, and why the curse of knowledge runs rampant among Med Device companies

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