Having the Right Mind for Sales with Author Mark Hunter

Mark Hunter, CSP, “The Sales Hunter,” is recognized as one of the top 50 most influential sales and marketing leaders in the world. He is author of  “A Mind for Sales” his other books include “High-Profit Prospecting” and “High-Profit Selling”. The focus of his work is helping to influence and impact others to help them see and achieve what they didn’t think was possible.

In this interview, we talk with Mark about the content of his new book, including what top performers do to prepare for the week and how they handle issues thrown in their way.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to have the right mindset if you’re new in your role or trying to sell or open a new territory or sales opportunity
  • The way in which you should approach relationship building
  • The importance of speaking different “languages”
  • Plus, practical tips and strategies from Mark’s experience in working with medical sales reps!

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