Helping Physicians in 2022: Give Them a Battle Plan for Better Managing Staff

Is your physician partner lacking what’s known as ‘conversational capacity’? If so, they may be alienating staff, botching the patient experience, and hurting their bottom line. This week, we’re sharing communication techniques from leading consultant Craig Weber that might just save a struggling medical practice and give you, the MedTech partner, a competitive advantage in the process. As we define ‘conversational capacity’ and how to deploy it in everyday scenarios, you’ll discover the biases and ‘ego traps’ that plague medical practices and how physicians can make their most difficult conversations with staff more effective.


In this episode, you’ll also learn:

  • Why authority is No. 1 killer of conversational capacity, and how you can help docs be aware of this
  • How overly candid people steamroll others and why overly curious people get nothing done
  • Reasons a team member might consciously decide not to report an issue they’re seeing
  • 3 key questions that immediately remove roadblocks from internal meetings
  • Why it’s a rep’s responsibility to impart techniques that could save a medical practice


Plus, we get explore how leaders—physicians or otherwise—can meaningfully address a lack of trust.



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