Highways in the Sky: Implementing Drones into Healthcare Logistics

What would happen if we could create “highways” in the sky, where flying drones deliver supplies and replace or supplement traditional ground fleets? What if these unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) could provide a safer, more reliable, and more sustainable future for supply chain operations? What if digital infrastructure could be established to provide a more efficient and more responsive delivery network at lower costs and reduced CO2 emissions? Now…what if we told you that this was all already being developed and tested throughout the United States? Listen to this amazing episode with Alice Griffith, director of business development for transportation and logistics innovation at Airspace Link Inc. as she discusses the innovative drone technology they are developing with Justin, Garry, and Hayes. The use of drones for transportation and delivery in supply chain logistics is the way of the future – tune in and learn about the amazing work being done in this exciting field! 

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