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Continuing to bring you the best of the best in orthopedics. Our guest this week has 27 peer-reviewed publications and he’s still in residency. We have Dr. Dhanur Damodar joining this episode. He’s currently the Chief Resident at University of Miami and prepping to join the Windy City at Rush University/Midwest Orthopedics to do his sports medicine fellowship next year. He gives us insight and perspective on what training is like now and his passion in becoming an orthopedic surgeon.

1.) In addition to his plethora of peer-reviewed publications, he has many other accolades including the AANA Ortho-Regeneration Resident Scholar winner and AANA Resident Scholarship winner

2.) His entrepreneurial desire outside of orthopedic surgery, including branching into the digital health space

3.) The importance of professional brand, including presence on social media. He discusses a paper in-submission with OJSM on “The impact of social media presence, age, and patient reported wait times on physician review websites for sports medicine surgeons.” Physicians with a professional social media account had better wait times and reviews. It increases patient engagement with an online presence and helps make an orthopedic surgeon more relatable

4.) Schooling us on the new app, Clubhouse. Join this new fad and listen to The Bone Club

5.) Solid advice for those young listeners considering a career in orthopedics

Find out more about Dr. Dhanur Damodar here.

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