Hosted by Dr. Scott Sigman – “Orthopedics On Demand”

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Tune in to hear Dr. Alejandro Badia discuss these insightful topics including:

-OrthoNOW locations that support orthopedics on-demand. It’s a network of orthopedic urgent care centers that revolutionized the delivery of healthcare to patients for shorter wait times, decreased cost of care and better outcomes

-Staying up-to-date on innovative techniques through education and travel

Healthcare From The Trenches, Dr. Badia’s book about how to do things better in the healthcare world and incorporating his passion from decades of practicing medicine

Find out more from Dr. Alejandro Badiahere. Check out his video on “How Can You Help Affect Meaningful Change for Healthcare Delivery in America?” here and order Healthcare From The Trenches on Amazon.

Thank you to our partnerOrthoLazerfor making this episode of The Ortho Show possible.


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