Hosted by Dr. Scott Sigman – “Zed Williamson”

This episode is brought to you byTrackableMed, the place to go to help grow your new patient base.

Zed Williamson is the Founder/CEO of TrackableMed. After spending years in advertising, Zed Williamson founded TrackableMed in 2011, a patient demand acceleration program platform rooted in neuroscience. TrackableMed’s focus is on results and defined as booked patient appointments for specialty medical practices.

Topics include:

-Why did he create TrackableMed? He was a part of the advertising world and not fond of the industry. TrackableMed is built on results and defined as something you can deposit into a bank account.

-How does TrackableMed work? It’s a highly innovative business focused on the biases and heuristics of human behavior helping private practices create patient demand to their therapies. They attract potential patients by connective specifically with their pain.

-What you need to think about as a physician when setting up a meeting with TrackableMed? To start with:

-What is your goal? 

-What is success to you? 

-Who do you want to focus on from a patient profile to come through the door? 

Find out more about Zed Williamsonhere.



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