How to Expand Your Influence and Attract Opportunities with Johnny Caffaro

If you’re scared to begin building your presence on LinkedIn, you’re not alone. But the time is now, says Johnny Caffaro.

A master at brand building and consistency, Johnny has leveraged his medtech and sales expertise, industry presence, and personal brand pillars to generate more than 20,000 connections and dozens of deals and opportunities through social media. In this episode, Johnny shares his recipe for success and lessons he’s learned along the way, plus the importance of consistency for building your influence online.

Listen to learn:

  • Why it’s so scary to put yourself out there and how to overcome that fear
  • The pillars, cadence and methodology for posting content
  • Why content from a person always outperforms content featuring a product
  • How to tie your personal content to your company for additional value
  • The reason why people think LinkedIn is saturated (it’s not!) and why now is the time to double down
  • How you can leverage platforms like LinkedIn to boost success for your surgeon and physician customers

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