How to Fuel a High-Performing Team with Accountability, Transparency, and Support

Are you inspiring people on your team, or are you just hoping they’ll stick around for another quarter? In his first MedTech job, Jeff Bajorek was given sample bags, brochures, and an obligatory pat on the back. But like most reps, what he really needed from his team was transparency and the guarantee of support. After several years as a top-performing rep, Jeff became a leading consultant helping companies identify blind spots in their sales processes and align their teams with a signature no-BS approach. He joins the show to discuss key differences between accountability and micromanagement, what it means to be a vulnerable leader, how start-ups can stop being at the mercy of “mercenaries,” and more.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why praising solid performance matters just as much as critiquing poor performance
  • What it means to view your entire team as an extension of yourself (aka “you at scale”)
  • When performance improvement plans (PIPs) can work as originally intended
  • Why not enough companies are taking a disruptive stance in their go-to-market strategies
  • What monkeys, typewriters, and Shakespeare have to do with your trusted rep’s rough patch

Plus, we explore how—and why—so many medical sales teams lean toward self-sabotage.



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