How to Package Your Talents and Land Your Next Big MedTech Opportunities

On your best days, you feel like there’s nothing you couldn’t sell—so why are you still selling yourself short when new job opportunities arise? As president of Fallstaff Search, a recruitment firm that specializes in medical device sales, Hilary Trader never ceases to be amazed by how many qualified reps make easily avoidable blunders in the hiring process. All too often, reps unknowingly spoil their chance to graze in greener pastures when they turn away recruiters or don’t take a proactive approach to career advancement. We caught up with Hilary to discuss how reps can better market themselves as a company’s plug-and-play option for overcoming immediate and future pain points, why it always pays to be brutally honest with recruiters, and what it means to confidently (and not cockily) play by “the rules of the game.”

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why you should leave humility for first dates and dinner parties 
  • The kind of research and outreach you should be doing after the first interview
  • The importance of itemizing call points in your resume so you’re searchable in a database
  • How to stop psychologically guarding yourself and make a strong ask for the job
  • The kinds of questions you should be asking MedTech hiring managers  

Plus, we explore the subtle ways recruiters sniff out half-hearted (or otherwise problematic) candidates.



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