How to Reignite a Fire in Your Sales Process With 3 Simple Values

Are you 100% bought in to the product you’re selling? If not, the world’s best poker face won’t help you; sooner or later, a lack of passion will show up in your numbers. Chase Isaacs, director of business development for Physician’s Weekly, believes the problem is that most reps are unable to move beyond conceptual knowledge of their product toward a deeper realization of its impact. Worse yet, they listen to respond but don’t listen to understand. We sat down with Chase to discuss how reps can develop a more mature sales process by self-evaluating their performance on three criteria: belief, listening, and care.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What it means to bear responsibility for providing solutions
  • Why words are very rarely where the meaning lies (and how to bridge “language barriers”)
  • When highly polished elevator pitches do more harm than good
  • Why thinking MedTech sales is a “numbers game” usually leads to burnout

Plus, we explore how VR and other digital technologies are forcing reps to own value-based selling.

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