In the Beginning: Users Speak on Ten Years of ONE TRAY®

Nothing compares to true clinical user insight on how, where, and when a medical device fits into the workflow of our surgical teams. After all, clinicians know better than anyone else what they need to do their jobs more effectively, develop compliant department policies, and fight dirty, every instrument, every time. On this week’s release of the Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight™ Series, we speak with David Jagrosse, CRCST, CHL & Sarah B Cruz, CSPDT, CRCST, CHL about their experiences from beta-users to long time advocates of the ONE TRAY® sterilization container, and what they’ve learned along the way about creating survey-proof policies, product onboarding, and the science of safe device reprocessing. Join us as we hear about their decade of experience with one of the most disruptive devices in the industry today. 

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