Innovating Brushes Together

Are you a part of innovating the industry’s instrument cleaning brushes? Do you want to be? On this week’s Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight™ podcast, we’re joined by industry veteran Dan DeShane with Sharn by Marketlab, as we discuss the critical need for education around specialty brushes and the urgent call for intentional, purpose-driven innovation in this space. Dan’s expertise is focused on educating SPD professionals around industry best practices, and with a legacy dating back 25+ years, Sharn by Marketlab is far from a newcomer to the world of SPD itself. Tune in to experience firsthand how their unique services, such as onsite assessments and consultations, along with color-coded wire cannula brushes and ergonomic handles, can revolutionize your Sterile Processing workflow. Also, don’t miss their special SPD Week “Thank You” giveaway happening next week!

For more information on how their innovative brush evaluation program could transform your facility’s efficiency and standardization, visit them at

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