Innovation in orthopedics: A digital health solution for the musculoskeletal world with Dr. Michael Greiwe (#20)

Today’s guest is Founder and CEO of OrthoLive, Dr. Michael Greiwe.

Dr. Greiwe is an orthopedic surgeon and musculoskeletal innovator. In 2016, Michael founded OrthoLive, a comprehensive telemedicine solution for orthopedics. As you can imagine, the company was well poised to be a solution to many over the course of the past year and has grown to be a top solution for many orthopedic practices, employers, and patients.

During our conversation we discuss:

  • What prompted him to go into the healthcare field
  • Why he founded OrthoLive
  • Innovation in healthcare
  • Characteristics necessary for those looking to build a company
  • His recommendations for those looking to innovate and grow



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