Innovation Unleashed: We Are ALL Disruptors

This week on the Power Supply podcast, we’re stepping into the forefront of supply chain innovation with Curtis McEntire, the visionary CEO of Trulla and Mazree. As a true disruptor in the pharmacy supply chain space, Curtis joins us to share how he successfully challenged the status quo to turn complex challenges into streamlined solutions. From tackling the intricacies of drug pricing and regulatory compliance to paving the way for centralized pharmacy services, we’ll discover how strategic thinking and innovation can transform challenges into opportunities for growth and efficiency in the healthcare supply chain. Join us for a journey into the practicalities of ensuring that healthcare supply chains not only meet today’s demands but are primed for tomorrow’s challenges! Don’t miss out, tune in today!

Once you complete the interview, jump on over to the link below to take a short quiz and download your CEC certificate for .5 CECs! —

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