Inside iHLTH: Dr. Eva Imperial’s Fight Against Hidden Healthcare Costs

How often do you receive medical attention only to be blindsided by a huge invoice? Why does the issue only seem to exist in the medical space? And what can we do to promote transparency in the industry?

In this week’s episode, sponsored by Alpha Sophia, Dr. Eva Imperial, CEO and founder of iHLTH, shares her motivation for starting an organization that brings transparent pricing to lab tests and allows patients to bypass the doctor’s office for these services. Her story highlights a personal and professional journey towards making healthcare more accessible and affordable, challenging the status quo of opaque healthcare pricing and practices.

What we discuss in the episode:

  • The negative ripple effects on patient care and the healthcare system due to high costs
  • The importance of transparent pricing in healthcare
  • Navigating the complexities of healthcare costs
  • Solutions and innovations to make lab testing more accessible
  • How professionals can advocate for patient affordability

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