Interest and innovation: The power of curiosity and harnessing it for learning, growth, and success with Dr. Raymond Hwang (#26)

Today’s guest is spine surgeon, medical director at Hinge Health, venture partner, and advisor to many, Dr. Raymond Hwang. Dr. Hwang started his educational career in engineering and computer science at MIT prior to shifting his focus to the world healthcare. After completing medical and business school at Harvard he entered the musculoskeletal world where he is now a provider, leader, and innovator in the field.

In our conversation we talk about:

  • Why he made the switch from electrical engineering and computer science to medicine
  • What drew him to orthopedics
  • Becoming an advisor to many companies
  • Being a venture partner at NextGen Venture Partners
  • His role as the medical director at Hinge Health
  • His top recommendations for those looking to lead, innovate, and grow in the industry



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