Keerthi Kanubaddi: Vendor Managed Inventory, Technology and Solutions

This week we speak with Keerthi Kanubaddi, Founder & CEO at ReadySet Surgical.  ReadySet simplifies the surgical vendor supply chain by consolidating logistics and communication to all members of the surgical team to ensure that every patient has the right equipment with the right sterilization parameters at the right time.

Segment 1 – 02:50

  • Keerthi’s Background
  • Challenges with Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
  • VMI Logisitcs

Segment 2 – 17:30

  • VMI in SPD: What’s Working and What’s Not
  • Common Roadblocks to Efficiency and Compliance
  • Physician and OR Staff Challenges with VMI

Segment 3 – 32:00

  • The Monetary Value of Surgeon Relationships
  • Adoption Rates for VMI Technology
  • Making The Business Case

Join us next week when our guest will be Don Williams, Sterile Instrument Processing Manager of the Northwest Region at Kaiser Permanente. #beyondclean

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