Know your EOB and Denial Codes

Do you struggle with EOB Language and Denial Codes? Do you know how to understand the NCCI Manual or how to use an Encoder? All of these things are crucial to understand as a coder or a biller. If you are a Office Manager or Physician you will also enjoy listening. Reach out to us if your clinic would like to look at our Data Analytic tools to streamline for practice flow and maximize payment

  • EOB Breakdown
  • Common Denial Codes
  • Reviewing the NCCI Manual
  • Be encoder Savvy

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Feb 12,2022 we come together with Experts Shannon Deconda CPC, CPC-I, CPMA, CEMC, CEMA, CMPM, CRTT and Betty Hovey BSHAM CCS-P IP CPC COC CPMA CPCD CPB CPC-I as we learn more about the Reimbursement challenges for OBGYN Services

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