Leading Up: How Physician Liaisons Can Lead Their Physicians w/ Dr. Jimmy Knott #157

No matter who you are or what you’re doing, you influence those around you in some capacity. It’s time we learn how to do it effectively. After working as an engineer for the DuPont Company in Nashville, Dr.Jimmy Knott felt led to go into the ministry. He enrolled at New Orleans Theological Seminary, and earned his M. Div., in 1976. He earned his Doctor of Ministry degree from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary in May 2002. Dr. Knott’s passion is to assist people in maximizing their impact and help existing and aspiring leaders to better understand what transformational leadership is and does.


Let’s dive into this absolute treat of an episode and learn more about what it means to, not only lead down, but lead up; and how it applies even to physician liaisons.


[00:01 – 06:20] You are Always Leading and Influencing Someone

  • I introduce our guest Dr. Jimmy Knott
    • My father in law and expert
  • Learn a bit more about Dr. Knott
    • Relationship with leadership 
    • Current activities and focuses 
  • Understanding leadership 
    • You may be a leader even if you don’t know 
    • Leadership isn’t always down 
    • It is also across and up

[06:21 – 20:18] Leading Up: How Physician Liaisons Can Lead Their Physicians

  • How this concept of leading up can apply to liaisons 
    • The importance of leading yourself first 
    • Figure out how to add value 
    • Ask the right questions
  • How to communicate with your superiors 
    • You need to provide honest feedback
    • Say the things they don’t want to hear 
    • Building trust through regular communication
  • Being prepared to face your boss
    • You are on the front lines 
    • Confront reality 
  • Make great decisions through engagement 

[20:19 – 29:44] Set Expectations with Quality Questions 

  • The importance of preparing questions 
    • There’s no way to learn without questions 
    • ‘What does success look like to you’ 
  • How to navigate two different Physicians 
    • Credibility = influence 
  • Four questions/items to go through in a meeting 
    • 1. What is going well? 
    • 2. What is broken? 
    • 3. Getting clarity on something specific 
    • 4. What’s missing/needed? 
  • Regular meetings are critical to productivity 

[29:45 – 35:54] Closing Segment

  • Hitting the highlights of our conversation
    • Lead up
    • Build trust! 
    • Communicate frequently 
  • Anticipate the future and needs for your leader 
  • How to connect with Dr. Knott
    • Links below 
  • Final thoughts
  • Stay tuned for more. Links available below.


Tweetable Quotes:

“Any time you try to alter the behaviors or attitudes or the beliefs, the outcomes, of another person, you’ve just become a leader.” – Dr. Jimmy Knott

“What can I do to help the men and women I report to… If I add value to them, then the whole organization gets better.” – Dr. Jimmy Knott


“You can’t create a new future unless you’re willing to confront present reality… You have to look those things in the face in order to bring about change.” – Dr. Jimmy Knott


Resources Mentioned: 


Want to learn more about Dr. Knott? Connect on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Make sure to go to https://jimmyknott.com/ to upskill your leadership. 


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