Leading With Urgency: Fostering A Committed Team, Surrounding Yourself With Great People, and Serving The Health of Your Patients with Steven Windwer (#19)

Today’s guest is the Founder and CEO of Bay State Physical Therapy, Steven Windwer.

Steven is both a physical therapist and chiropractor. An entrepreneur by nature, Steven opened up his first practice only a few months after graduating from chiropractic school. Since opening that first clinic, Steven formed a team, found a recipe for success, and has since led Bay State as it has grown over 90 locations throughout the New England region.

During our conversation we discuss:

  • Why Steven become a physical therapist and chiropractor
  • How he opened his first practice
  • When he discovered one of the biggest drivers of a successful practice
  • The process of growing from 1 to 90+ locations
  • His recommendations for those looking to rise the ranks in the private practice setting



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