Leveraging the Supplier ERP to Gain True Supply Chain Transparency: A New Vision for Collaborative Inventory Management

Is consignment inventory causing chaos and delays across your OR and SPD teams? Ever wonder if there is a smarter, easier way to manage this potentially problematic inventory? On this special Beyond Clean and Power Supply Vendor Spotlight™ co-release episode, we’re joined by Keerthi Kanubaddi, Executive Vice President of Health System Partnership and Neal Ferguson Vice President of Client Engagement at Movemedical, to discuss an innovative solution that is bringing clarity to the chaos of inventory management. Tune in to discover how Movemedical’s Consignment Inventory Manager system seamlessly connects health systems with their suppliers at an ERP-level, offering a cost-effective solution with real-time inventory insights. Explore how this game-changing approach not only simplifies the consignment processes but also promotes a collaborative relationship between healthcare facilities and suppliers, enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and most importantly, patient care!

For more information on how their innovative inventory management tool can transform your consignment process, visit their website to request a demo. 

You can also follow Movemedical on LinkedIn or better yet, contact Keerthi Keerthi.Kanubaddi@movemedical.com or Neal Neal.Ferguson@movemedical.com directly!



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