Market agitation techniques and resources with Aryn Peled

Resources, whether we recognize them or not, are all around us. But how do we ensure we’re utilizing them to reach optimal results?

This week, we sat down with Aryn Peled, a strategic account executive at TrackableMed and former medical device rep and healthcare industry veteran. With her experience as a nurse, Aryn provides a unique perspective as she transitioned to medical device to sales, and then to device marketing. In this episode, we discuss how medical device professionals can work smarter (not harder) and dive into valuable tactics to help you find the right customers.

Listen and learn about:

  • Market agitation tactics that will help change behavior
  • Utilizing industry experts as resources in your sales approach
  • Selling to the entire office, not just the physicians
  • Utilizing a proactive approach to helping and educating your prospective customers
  • How a medical background plays into sales roles in medical device marketing

Resources from this episode:



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