Market Agitation: Where the Fun Really Starts

Ben Bourterie is the Regional Sales Director at Aerin Medical and a seven-time president’s club winner. He’s spent his career creating markets for disruptive technologies in multiple specialties, and he’s here to tell us about the competitive advantages you can recognize when you incorporate practice development into your sales process.

If you’re ready to agitate the market, mobilize your team, and go deep with potential customers, this episode is a must-hear.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How practice development and value-based selling is poised to totally transform the MedTech community
  • Why the “old method” of selling and catering to physician customers has to change
  • Ways to find physicians who are willing to reinvest back into their practice
  • The importance of future forecasting and predictability to crush growth expectations
  • Why using market development as a selling style will outshine your competition every time

Plus, we’ll share some proven strategies to make your resources and procedures as simple and turnkey as possible for your customer.

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