Medical Device Podcast: Dr. Herrick Siegel

Device Nation sits down for an inspiring conversation with Dr. Herrick Siegel,  Section Head of Orthopedic Oncology  at UAB in upstate Alabama …..a must follow on Linkedin if you like profoundly challenging reconstruction cases.  Dr. Siegel brings hope to these patients, bringing his unique skill set of confidence and capability to the table!

Dr. Siegel's rep, Will, shares practical ways you can be so deep with your Doctors,   employees of the hospital, employees of the company/companies you work for and competitive peers so that you  stand a better chance of being that  rock in the stream, rather than being carried away by it….all while looking at products to widen your income base, multiple revenue streams is the moat around your business! 

Is Link that product you should add to YOUR bag?

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