Medical Device Rep Podcast: Dr. Gil Scuderi

A conversation with former President of the Knee Society,  Dr. Gil Scuderi!  We talk about his pioneering work as an implant design surgeon, working alongside Dr. John Insall,  MIS, technology, making revisions as simple as 1-2-3!!

As a board certified orthopedic surgeon for over 20 years, Dr. Scuderi has an abundant experience in adult knee reconstruction and sports medicine with surgical techniques that include arthroscopic, minimally invasive and full open procedures. While he specializes in all disorders of the knee, he has pursued innovative developments in total knee replacement, gender specific knee designs and revision total knee replacements. Dr. Scuderi was the first orthopedic surgeon on Long Island to implant the first knee replacement specifically designed to fit a woman s anatomy. 

His contributions to the orthopedic literature are extensive with over 100 published scientific articles and book chapters in orthopedic medical journals and textbooks. He has also edited several textbooks on total knee replacement, sports medicine and knee surgery, and continues to lecture worldwide on reconstructive knee surgery. Dr. Scuderi is a member of several orthopedic and medical organizations, has served on numerous committees, and was the president of the Knee Society from 2012 -2013. Committed to education, he is the Adult Knee Reconstruction Fellowship Director at Lenox Hill Hospital.

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We explore the “P” in our mnemonic “Pain”….the people in charge making some decisions that we, as reps, would never make.  What do we do with that and how do we minimize the distraction?

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