Mentoring session with Ivan Tornos, Chief Operating Officer at Zimmer-Biomet!

A truly inspiring conversation with the COO of Zimmer-Biomet, Ivan Tornos!  Truly a successful summiteer of so many mountains in our  industry,  what can we learn from this accomplished climber to help us in our journey?   

Nearly 3 decades of success in the medical space delivering on commitments at every turn, you'll want to take notes on this episode as he shares:

-Device Rep predictors of success
-What are the 4 ways in which we approach problems
-The difference between “mentorship” and “sponsorship”
-The value of thinking beyond the Operating Room

…….and much, much more!!

Health Care Technology Award:
Careers at Zimmer Biomet:
“I say buy ZMH”

“Belief” eventually affects “Destiny”….what belief systems aid us in our summit attempts, and which have the potential to keep us stuck at basecamp?   

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