More than Letters on a Badge: A Chat about OR Certifications

Are you considering earning your CNOR? Do you feel anxious and a little overwhelmed at the thought of preparing for such an extensive test? If the answer is yes, then you are not alone! Nothing makes an O.R. nurse more uncomfortable than being unprepared, and one of the most helpful ways to prepare for the CNOR is with a CNOR review course. On today’s episode we’re talking about all things certification with Wendy Zander, RN, MSN/ED, CNOR, founder of Zander Perioperative Education. Wendy is an engaging and talented educator who has been successfully preparing nurses for the CNOR exam since 2004. Join us as Wendy shares how she created her review course, learn about the benefits of certification, hear the success stories of other nurses just like you, and get ready to prepare yourself for the CNOR.

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