Nailing the Need: How to Really Stand Out in MedTech Sales

Michael Cheetham has spent 25 years in medical sales…exceeding his lofty target goals every single year. Today, as the Founder and Director of Tenacity Sales Training, he’s transformed his immense success and passion for his craft into a program that helps professionals in medical sales separate themselves from the pack. Determined to revolutionize medical sales training, he’s come to this episode prepared to share some unique concepts that will totally change your perspective on what it takes to succeed in sales— and rise above your competition.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to build trust and “earn the right” to have buying conversations
  • The personal qualities you should lean into if you really want to stand out
  • Why customer knowledge can be more important than product knowledge
  • The importance of understanding the true driving needs of your customers
  • Questions to ask clinicians during the sales process, and questions to avoid

Plus, we dig into some of the sales behaviors that frustrate your customers and offer tips and advice to adjust and improve your tactics.

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