Navigating the Minefield of Compliance

In our first episode of Season two, we start out with a very important topic that affects all in healthcare-Compliance! It’s more than understanding what it is, but also how we view it and how we navigate the many levels.

Today we sit down and chat with Compliance and Legal expert Susan Walberg JD, a consultant, and writer in all things compliance.

Susan will tell us all about her latest Compliance Books and Non-Fiction books that are designed to shed light on meeting industry standards and navigating the legal minefields in healthcare. We will discuss

  • What compliance is and why we need it
  • Areas of Compliance concern
  • Better communication skills are needed between clinical and business teams
  • Compliance hot topics such s Privacy/Security and OSHA
  • Compliance and Technology concerns

Prepare your practice and facility for compliance challenges and jump over to Amazon to check out all things Compliance with Susan Walberg:

Susan Walberg Books on Amazon

Insiders Guide to Compliance for Physician Practices Paperback – November 28, 2019

Insider’s Guide to Compliance: Real World Advice for Building a Successful Compliance Program Paperback – February 20, 2018

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