Neurosurgeon Dr. Betsy Grunch Helps You Level Up Your Conversational Finesse

It’s no secret surgeons don’t like being told what to do—so how do you get them to think that adopting a new approach was their idea? For a fresh perspective, we sat down with Dr. Betsy Grunch, a board-certified neurosurgeon who was recently named to Georgia Trend’s Top Doctors List for the third year in a row. Join us as Dr. Grunch shares why she’s glad to see the practice of “accosting [docs] at the scrub sink” fading, the real reasons why some of her colleagues shy away from paradigm-shifting procedures for SI joint pain, her ingenious use of social media, and the behaviors that separate cringeworthy reps from trustworthy partners. 

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • How to distinguish staunch nonbelievers from curious would-be converts
  • How to tailor your approach to fit each surgeon’s unique style
  • Why you need to understand which patient types irritate your customer the most
  • The impact of presenting case studies on social media 

Plus, we explore the importance of humanizing providers in your outreach.      

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