On Board for Improvement: Building Teams and Trust for a New Sterile Processing Leader – Aimee Kellogg

You wake up this morning, grab your cup of coffee and head into work. You get there to greet a new department- one that you have very little familiarity with- the Sterile Processing Department. You have a couple of days to observe the state of affairs and then congratulations the department is yours to manage! What would your strategy be? How would you tackle complicated issues like lack of standardization of IFUs and low employee engagement scores? On this week’s episode of Beyond Clean, we talk to OR leader-turned-Sterile Processing leader, Aimee Kellogg, about her experience taking on the responsibility of a whole new department and the challenges and successes associated with everything from employee engagement and accountability to cost reduction. Aimee shares the tools she implemented to not only create success in the department but also measure that success. If you have or are a new Sterile Processing leader you’re certainly going to want to tune in now!

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