One and Done? Building a Secure Supply Chain

The last couple of years have brought significant challenges in procurement of routine medical supplies with ongoing backorders, allocations and product substitutions – how can the healthcare supply chain work to build resiliency and security with strategic initiatives? After years of the healthcare industry transitioning to single-use products, many healthcare supply chains are now evaluating and moving back to reusable products as a long term solution. For instance, reusable gowns can be a reliable option to replace disposable items with more robust and better quality products that users feel more comfortable wearing. Patti Hoch discusses the benefits of these reusable products with Hays Waldrop, Garry Skinner and Justin Poulin on this episode of Power Supply, highlighting a way to build supply chain security that also provides some significant cost savings AND reduces excess waste from healthcare operations. With a Win, Win, Win, you don’t want to miss this episode!

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