Paving the Pathway to Commercialization: Advice for MedTech Startups

Let’s talk about the science behind medical device commercialization! A chemist by training, Duane Mancini is currently the Business Development Director at Covance and has worked for many years with med device startups to help them develop get-to-market strategies. Host of the Project MedTech podcast, he joins us in this episode to give us a detailed breakdown of every step in the commercialization pathway — from regulatory to reimbursement, clinical, and more.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The ideal pathway to commercialization for a medical device product
  • Common pitfalls that affect downstream commercialization
  • Why it’s essential to think about your reimbursement strategy early
  • What your sales team needs to actually win market share

Plus, we break down fractionalizing, and why it’s the best way to begin structuring a medical device startup company.  

Resources and links from the show:


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