Physician Productivity: Max Your Most Valuable Resource – TIME w/ Sabrina Runbeck #149

TIME is our most valuable resource. That’s why we must learn how to use it properly. Instead of wasting our time on things that would not benefit us, let’s choose to focus our time on personal development and productive things. Let’s choose to use our time wisely, but using our time wisely doesn’t mean all we’re going to do is work, work, work — we should also spend some time to rest and relax.


[00:01 – 06:51] Sabrina’s Story

  • Sabrina talks about her background
  • Sabrina on constantly feeling the need to prove herself

[06:52 – 24:09] Performance, Productivity, and Time

  • Avoid physician burnout! Sabrina discusses how you can once again start moving forward.
  • How to become unstuck? Change your mindset towards using your time!
  • The Different Time Zones
    • Desire
    • Distraction
    • Disinterest
    • Debt

[24:10 – 28:25] Organizations and Their People 

  • The roles and responsibilities of organizations to avoid their people’s burnout

[28:26 – 32:33] Closing Segment

  • Sabrina discusses her specialty and how you can avail her services
  • Ways to contact her available below.
  • Final thoughts for the listeners


Tweetable Quotes:

“Nothing in life [is] actually better without change, and change is what most of us resist.” – Sabrina Runbeck

“I actually believe all of you deserve to have more precious time to enjoy everything you have accomplished and have that DOUBLE WIN in your career and your life and feel powerful and passionate at the same time.” – Sabrina Runbeck



Resources Mentioned:


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