Physician-turned entrepreneur: The recipe for rescuing healthcare

Why do so few medical professionals start companies to address the problems that bother them in the industry? Preston Alexander says it has more to do with mindset than ability.

Preston is a healthcare entrepreneur, helping doctors and nurses take more ownership of the business side of healthcare. He helps build companies to address the healthcare crisis in the US by making it more accessible and affordable, aiming to tackle the issues in a system he sees as unsustainable.

In this episode, Preston shares the insight he’s gained working with medical experts, and why these people are much more capable than they think at starting successful medical companies.

What we discuss in the episode:

  • Why physicians underestimate their ability to launch a successful medical business
  • Why they overestimate the risk involved in starting such a venture
  • How to find the right communities and mentors to bridge the gap between dreamy ambitions and reality
  • Why medical entrepreneurship is necessary to fix the unsustainable healthcare system

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