Powering Your MedTech Sales with Integrity, Optimism, and Accountability

Why do people make excuses for behaviors that hold them back from what they want most? Chip Helm believes that if you can’t list your guiding business principles on one hand, you’re overcomplicating your approach and making it harder to hold yourself accountable. The author, sales mentor, and 36-year industry veteran rejoins the show to hammer home the five core principles that have shaped his impressive career (sprinkling in a few “Chip-isms” along the way). Join us as we discuss a no-nonsense outlook on follow-up, hard truths about relationships, how to find true North in our personal and professional lives, and misconceptions about attitude.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

– Why follow-up is all about acknowledgement, not answers  

– The futility of trying to win arguments (i.e., being right with facts but wrong with relationship)

– What it means to be a “shark” networker

– How to solve this equation: Energy · X = Motivation

Plus, we dig into the specific behavioral changes required to become a practical, potent optimist.   



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