Practical Tips for Retraining Your Brain, Overcoming Biases, and Cultivating a Growth Mindset

Are your brain’s hard-wired “survival shortcuts” hampering your success? It’s no secret that medical sales reps and sales team leaders have to endure rejection, redirection, misalignment, and countless external roadblocks—the chief culprit being other people’s behavior. But knowing what they can control saves them time, energy, and sanity. In this week’s special episode, we’re featuring TrackableMed CEO Zed Williamson’s recent guest appearance on the podcast “Your Best Day Yet,” hosted by Eric Guy of the Center for Victory. Eric and Zed discuss how little-known—yet deeply ingrained—psychological triggers can sabotage our opportunities and why it’s imperative to recognize our own biases. Join us to explore actionable ways you can start building habits that bring out the best in your brain.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why communication means taking ownership not of what you say, but what others hear you saying
  • Why the human brain is built for shortcuts, and how those shortcuts can sometimes hurt us
  • Why you don’t have to stifle or repress your emotions to control them
  • The evolutionary origins of negativity bias and confirmation bias
  • How neurological “shortcuts” help us—and hurt us—in our modern daily lives
  • The power of applying the word “Why” to yourself—and not others

Plus, we explore why most people’s relationship with the word “If” is dangerous.



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