Raising the Disinfection Bar

Everywhere we go, whether it is out to dinner, to the grocery store, or the hair salon– we expect these establishments have invested in safe cleaning and disinfection techniques. Now more than ever, it’s critical that cleaning and disinfection is both performed and documented, especially in the healthcare space. On this Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight we talk with John Gallineau, VP of Operations at PKT, a company that provides professional sterilizer cleaning services and surgical table deep cleaning, about their state-of-the-art ionized hydrogen peroxide (iHP) disinfection technology. iHP raises the disinfection bar even beyond UV light and provides a validated 6-log 99.9999% efficacy, leaves zero residue on equipment, and a heavy dose of peace of mind for healthcare professionals. Tune in for the cleanest conversation we have had in a while! 

Visit PKT online at www.pkt-1.com, follow them on Linkedin (linkedin.com/company/pkt/) or call 919-435-6771 to schedule services and get more information. 


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